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28 October 2010 @ 09:10 am
Hi Everyone

This will be quick because I am off to work, but will be back later today. I have a quick question for you. Do any of you want to be on the Behind the Scenes of a film company and future film projects? If you do would you please send me a PM at positive_pat Thanks!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!! I will be back later today, :)

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06 October 2010 @ 11:08 am
Hi Everyone

I need everyone's help. I have posted this in my LJ & in the communities that I mod so now I am posting it here too. If you have answered the question on my LJ or in a posting I have done in a community, you do not need to answer it again. I am trying to catch the folks that are not on my flist or in the communities.

Here is the deal. The screenplay I am writing is coming along great and now before it is even finished the locations for filming when it is ready to be filmed, have literally fell into my lap as has the professional help and possible funding. It is so unbelievable how this is all coming together so quickly. Folks are jumping on the bandwagon for the screenplay I am writing and it's not even finished yet. LOL!!!

So since from filming it will go to getting it out there for all to see, I am hoping you all could help me. I would appreciate it if each of you could comment to this post and answer the one question of where you live both the city and country.

That's all I am asking. We are trying right now to get a feel for worldwide friends.

Thanks Guys I appreciate it and I will keep you posted. :)

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Hi Guys

I need all of the translators for our community to please PM me at my LJ positive_pat when you PM me I need for you to do the following please. Answer this question: Do you still want to be a translator for our community? Then give me your LJ user name and your email address.

We are on a roll to get the community up and running again and I need to bring everyone up to speed and see who still wants to translate.

For anyone reading this post that is not a translator for our community but would like to be one, would you please do the same thing I have asked our translators to do but would you add in your PM that you are a new translator and what languages you can translate.

Thanks Guys!!!!!

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12 July 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Hi Everyone

I want to welcome all the new members that have joined our community. WELCOME!!! Go and read some of the coll fics that are posted.

Okay to all of you that have been PMing me lately about getting the community going again I hear you. GOT IT NICKY DEAR!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Let me go and rattle the cages of my co mods and get this Party started again. I already have an idea. NOW ARE ALL YOU TRANSLATORS READY TO GO!!!!!!!! :)

Talk to you all soon.

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02 June 2009 @ 10:02 pm
Our dear friend, the great foreverbm together with the talented pfodge and kari77 had created a community where you can request all sorts of graphics necessary to beautify our journals and fics and well everything else...

So, come and join:


28 May 2009 @ 04:24 pm
I know this community have been quiet for a while now but I just want to let everyone know that I would like for this community to stay around for a long time so I'm hoping a lot of you are still on board.

I might have solved our posting problem as well :O)

Thank you so much guys. Feel free to comment-- any suggestions and lots of encouragement are welcome!

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01 March 2009 @ 12:26 am
Hi Everybody

Do you want to come and play and spend a little time in a new QAF website? A website filled with forums, fan fics and that has something for everyone, no matter who your favorite Character, Couple or Actor is. Sure you do, so come and check out the brand new (just launched tonight) website LibertyAvenue.net Come and join in on all the fun!!!!
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18 January 2009 @ 12:16 pm
Title: 欢聚时光
Word Count: 325
Time Line: Christmas Fic any season
Disclaimer:Summary: Brian is not happy about Justin's Christmas idea.
A/N: This is a short Christmas fic I wrote a couple of=2 0years ago. It is all fluff. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays!!!!
Translator: Alex Tse aka cryforwhat
For LJ's qaf_translated

欢聚时光Collapse )
18 January 2009 @ 12:07 pm
Characters: Ben and Michael
Timeline: Due anni dopo la quinta stagione
Genre: Angst/Porn
Rating: NC-17 (sul finale)
Tranlsator: minami77

05 January 2009 @ 09:16 pm
Phew... *wipes forehead* Although I'm not done posting fics yet since there are still fics coming throughout this week--Chinese, Italian, and German. But for now, here's the masterlist for our community's QAF HOLIDAY FICS PROJECT.

Thank you all for joining and participating. My co-mods, positive_pat, mimami77 and malli_; you guys are awesome. Really, this community will not run and make it without all your effort and hardwork. It's never smooth sailing but you guys hang in there and showed your dedication and share your passion for the fandom with me :O)

This is all for you guys.

All the writers and translators, AMAZING JOB! I know it's been tough for all of you because of school, personal life and yes--the holidays. But everybody did very well this round. I hope to see you guys again next round. I apologize for spamming our f-list, that is why in the last minute I've decided to just combine the fics according to their language; you'll see the Chinese and German posts. We'll work on a better system for the next round.

Okay, here's the masterlist for the QAF HOLIDAY FICS PROJECT. The banner is by our mod malli_. Translators, writers, feel free to use the banner when you post your fics and translations in your LJs :O)



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